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Truly dog friendly holidays!

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Here at Pawprints we know the value of a good holiday, especially one where you can completely relax. Many holiday homes say they are dog friendly but are they really? Rules such as no dogs on the furniture, no dogs upstairs, no noise, no mess, all add up to stress which is the last thing you need when you're away and supposed to be relaxing! We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes and want them to enjoy their holiday as much as you do. If they sleep on your bed at home, they can sleep on your bed at Pawprints. Just bring your own bed linen, pop it on the bed and off you go. If they like a cuddle on the sofa then that's fine too.  In fact, not only do we have no restrictions on where your dogs can go or make a charge for them, there is no limit on the number of dogs allowed at Pawprints; all are welcome! We have eight rescue dogs of our own, ranging in size from Yorkshire Terriers to Labradors, and have fostered more than 120 dogs over the years. We have drawn on this experience and knowledge when designing Pawprints, you can be confident we know our stuff when it comes to what makes a truly dog friendly holiday. 

Situated on a private road of similar properties, Pawprints is a spacious detached bungalow which comfortably sleeps six (humans!) in three bedrooms and has a fully enclosed and dog proof rear garden. Located a stone's throw from the sea and with miles of stunning coastline right on the doorstep, why not treat yourselves to a truly dog friendly holiday? 

*Please note, strictly no smoking indoors*